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Easy Recipes for a Well Life

Declutter your pantry and demystify eating well without sacrificing flavor. From breakfast and brunch to sauces and nibbles, Miriam’s kitchen is always open with nourishing recipes and tips for a Well Life.

Customized Monthly Wellness Plan

Feel the peace of knowing what comes next with Miriam’s guidance. Through small step-by-step shifts and strategies that fit your lifestyle, you can achieve optimal wellness stress free.

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Mindful Practices for a Well Life

Nourishing your spirit is just as important as nourishing your body. Find techniques, reminders, and recommendations to leave you feeling refreshed.

Personal Coaching & Accountability

Painlessly break those unhealthy habit with gentle accountability. Learn from a health coach who really understands what hurdles you are facing and is passionate about helping you find balance in your diet and in your life.

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Compassionate Health & Wellness Coaching

I help overwhelmed women achieve optimal wellness by teaching small step-by-step shifts that create powerful breakthroughs and lasting results—without feeling deprived.

Dr. Brad Dyer, DO

Owner of:  Premier Integrative Health Center for Personalized Medicine

“Miriam Kaseff rocks! She gets a big stamp of approval from this Functional Medicine doctor!”

Your Well Life Discovery Call ~  Free

During this 20-minute, no-pressure discovery call, we’ll figure out if we’re a good fit according to your current challenges and health goals. You’ll learn about available options that make the most sense to help you achieve your desired results. 

designed around your specific strengths, personality, and lifestyle.

learn how to create new habits you love and implement lasting changes—the hallmarks of long-term health and well-being. 

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Lean In

Free Preliminary Health History session
Six 50-minute 1:1 appointments (two per month)
Detailed progress reports
Supplemental information
Weekly check-ins

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All In

Free Preliminary Health History session
Six 50-minute 1:1 appointments (two per month)
Detailed progress reports
Supplemental information
Weekly check-ins

Don’t Wait! Spots are Limited.

Get Organized With

The Well Life

Kitchen Made Simple Course

April 11th – 18th

Early Bird Price Ends March 16 – $65
Regular Price – $97

Well Life Client Favorites

Get a little extra help when you need it with these helpful add on services

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Refresh Pantry Makeover

Ever had a weak moment while face-to-face with the diet-busting contents of your pantry? In roughly two hours, we’ll make your pantry work for you instead of against you!  

Illuminating Grocery Store Tour

Are you confused about all the terms flying around your favorite grocery store? During this hour-long tour, we’ll walk down the aisles and explore the bins and shelves.

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Mouthwatering Cooking Demo

Befuddled about how to start cooking your favorite meals in a healthier way or unsure how to prepare a specific health food? What are the tastiest ways to prepare kale? And what’s quinoa anyway?!

I hope you’re hungry!

I’m a firm believer that eating well doesn’t mean losing out on flavor. Here, healthy CAN be delicious. Whether you have food sensitivities or allergies, or maybe you’re just trying to eat healthier; there’s something delicious here for you.

My promise to you

Living a healthy life should not feel like punishment or self-deprivation. And, I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to health.

Whether you’re struggling to implement a doctor-prescribed diet due to an autoimmune disease, food allergies or another health condition, or you simply desire more energy and life satisfaction, I provide the support you need to transform your health and self-confidence.

From weight loss and increased energy to reduced stress and more restful sleep, my clients are often astonished at how the many small changes they incorporate transform their overall well-being in only six months time.


The most significant overall change was my commitment to exercise. I have monthly goals to work towards which help keep me motivated. I was addicted to soda but after a few months of work with Miriam, I no longer crave it! Miriam is a thoughtful, supportive, and helpful resource.


Learn more from this client Case studY.

Debbie’s Story

Debbie, who left a career in sales after 25 years to become a gynecology oncology nurse, is a caretaker by nature. Like many women balancing work and motherhood, she felt guilty about prioritizing her own needs over the needs of family and work.

But, faced with the prospect of a major life transition, she decided to schedule a free consultation with Miriam.

“I was interested in hearing a peer’s perspective in how I’m doing in my journey,” Debbie says. “It was about spiritual health, as well as physical and emotional health.”

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