Make Time for Meditation

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Meditation room at Timber Creek Retreat House in Drexel, MO.

Meditation has been studied and proven to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as improve digestion, sleep issues, focus, memory and attention. Who doesn’t need to change one or more of these aspects of our lives? With the pace of life today, I know it isn’t always easy to start the new habit of daily meditation, but it’s so worth a try!

I had the fortunate experience of attending a Meditation Retreat for a long weekend. You may ask, “What did you do at a meditation retreat?” Well, not much! the only agenda items for the weekend were to meditate for about 20 minutes before each meal, then eat! Other than that, we could hike, read, nap, get a massage or have spiritual guidance. It was such a treat! I really unplugged from my life and just enjoyed the sights and sounds of nature as well as the quiet times.

It can be difficult to sit with the quiet to access our deep down, innermost thoughts when we are so used to the daily noise of our lives. Accessing the contemplative thoughts can be scary but also very exciting. This was a time for me to think about how thankful I am for all I have in my life. I thought about the scary process of starting my new business, getting the website going and all that goes along with it. I realized that I have a caring, genuine heart and I truly want to help women achieve their goals so they feel good about their lives. I realized that as long as I honor my true self, it will be ok! It might be scary, but ok!

If you are ready to start a mediation practice, there are several great apps to help you with this. Let me know if I can guide you in any way.

Here is an article from Psychology Today with 5 quick tips to begin a meditation practice:


Be Well!