Leaky Gut Be Gone!

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I know the new buzzwords are “leaky gut” and most people don’t understand what that means let alone how it impacts our bodies and our lives. Our intestine, which is around 28 feet long, is lined with something like a net with little holes. When we eat things that irritate our gut lining, the holes get bigger. This makes it difficult for our bodies to absorb some important nutrients and can leak toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream. As you can guess, leaking toxins into the bloodstream is less than ideal for optimal health!!

Leaky gut presents itself in a variety of ways and is very individualized. You might experience bloating, gas, a rash, joint pain, itchy skin, headaches, or even weight gain that you can’t lose even though you are eating healthy foods!

I found out through a Food Sensitivity Blood test that I tested positive for many of my go-to foods: chicken, turkey, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, onion, spinach, coconut, coffee and more. I was pretty upset, to say the least!! After speaking to my Functional Medicine doctor, I found out that when our bodies test positive for many of our “go-to” foods, it could indicate a Leaky Gut. I have about 20 lbs. of weight that I gained after my breast cancer in 2013 and I have been eating cleaner than I ever have in my life!!!! HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?? Well, I found out that I might be eating many foods that are healthy but may not be healthy for me, at this time. So, starting Jan. 2nd, I cut lots of foods that I love from my diet. I am also cutting dairy as it upsets my stomach and gluten to make a clean sweep! I made a food journal for myself so I would be prepared each day. Here’s what I ate (see chart below). This has been a difficult transition for me, but I am bound and determined to get myself healthy!

This has been a process for me and I know many of you are struggling with some of the same issues. I’m here for you!!