Well Life with Miriam

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Becoming and Staying Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be!

At Well Life with Miriam, we have flipped the script on getting healthy. It’s not about how many pounds you lose, how many times you work out or looking like the models on the covers of magazines.  It’s about being the best version of yourself.
Sometimes life gets in the way, but we’re here to carve a path to eating, living and being healthy.

About Miriam

I started my own health journey in 2014 after my bout with breast cancer, to find a balance that I had been missing.  I changed my mindset, my routine, my health and I am proud to share my success with others.  As a certified health coach, individuals come to me for a simplified way to define and maintain their health.  I’ve been in their shoes, so I can relate!

Whether you’re struggling to implement a doctor-prescribed diet due to an autoimmune disease, food allergies, or another health condition, or you simply desire more energy and life satisfaction, I provide the support you need to transform your health and self-confidence.

I help women achieve optimal wellness by teaching small step-by-step shifts that create powerful breakthroughs and lasting results—without feeling deprived.

My Story

Meet Miriam, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

After surviving breast cancer and enduring a year-long recovery process, I was determined to take back my health and do whatever I could to decrease the chances of experiencing another life-threatening diagnosis. While I made some changes on my own, I found I could make faster and more lasting changes with the right support.

I reached out to a friend who worked with cancer patients. She helped me begin changing my eating habits, destress and prioritize self-care. I began educating myself about food labels. I avoided processed foods and foods with high sugar content, unhealthy fats and unpronounceable ingredients. I also started purchasing organic fruits and vegetables and humanely raised, grass-fed meats. I focused on reducing my stress level and worked on transforming negative thought patterns. I also discovered new ways of working out and instead of strictly doing aerobic exercise, I started doing strength training. (I’ve never felt stronger!)

I am now an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Through Precision Nutrition, I achieved a Level 1 certificate in the Science of Sports and Exercise Nutrition and a Level 2 Master Class certificate.


What’s Your Story?

I knew I needed to rewrite my story.  I no longer wanted to feel shame, anxiety or depressed because of how I felt – mentally, emotionally and physically.  Your weight doesn’t define you, but your wellness can empower you.

Are you ready to write a new story?