About Miriam

I help overwhelmed women achieve optimal wellness by teaching small step-by-step shifts that create powerful breakthroughs and lasting results—without feeling deprived.

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Easy Recipes for a Well Life

Declutter your pantry and demystify eating well without sacrificing flavor. From breakfast and brunch to sauces and nibbles, Miriam’s kitchen is always open with nourishing recipes and tips for a Well Life.

Customized Monthly Wellness Plan

Feel the peace of knowing what comes next with Miriam’s guidance. Through small step-by-step shifts and strategies that fit your lifestyle, you can achieve optimal wellness stress free.

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Mindful Practices for a Well Life

Nourishing your spirit is just as important as nourishing your body. Find techniques, reminders, and recommendations to leave you feeling refreshed.

Personal Coaching & Accountability

Painlessly break those unhealthy habits with gentle accountability. Learn from a health coach who really understands what hurdles you are facing and is passionate about helping you find balance in your diet and in your life.

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My Story

After surviving breast cancer and enduring a year-long recovery process, I was determined to take back my health and do whatever I could to decrease the chances of experiencing another life-threatening diagnosis. While I made some changes on my own, I found I could make faster and more lasting changes with the right support.

I reached out to a friend who worked with cancer patients. She helped me begin changing my eating habits, destress and prioritize self-care. I began educating myself about food labels. I avoided processed foods and foods with high sugar content, unhealthy fats and unpronounceable ingredients. I also started purchasing organic fruits

and vegetables and humanely raised, grass-fed meats. I focused on reducing my stress level and worked on transforming negative thought patterns. I also discovered new ways of working out and instead of strictly doing aerobic exercise, I started doing strength training. (I’ve never felt stronger!)

Hungry for more and wanting to create a healthier lifestyle
for my whole family, I enrolled in a 12-month program through
the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a people-person
and a former special education teacher, I discovered
that coaching was a natural fit.

Through the process, I felt like I was winning
right alongside my friends as I guided
them toward lasting changes that transformed
their lives.

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Life is Meant to be Celebrated!

I enjoy an active lifestyle that includes travel, sampling new restaurants, knitting, reading and time spent with my family, including my husband of 30 years and our two grown daughters, and I want the same for you.

To learn how I can help you create a healthier, more fulfilling life, schedule a meeting at your convenience!


I am my own testimonial! Changing my habits including eating slowly with correct portion sizes, sleeping well, learning to deal with stress, and exercising consistently have changed my life.  I continue to work on myself daily by focusing on my WHY along with my priorities in life. I’m 57 years old and feel better than ever!


Hand-tailored programs &
personalized coaching

Certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Level 1 certification through Precision Nutrition, specializing in the science of sports and exercise nutrition. I’m also a member of the Wellness Consortium in Kansas City.

The Well Life Kitchen is Always Open

As an avid cook, I often share my delicious and wholesome recipes on my blog and on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure and follow along!

My promise to you

Living a healthy life should not feel like punishment or self-deprivation. And, I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach to health.

Whether you’re struggling to implement a doctor-prescribed diet due to an autoimmune disease, food allergies or another health condition, or you simply desire more energy and life satisfaction, I provide the support you need to transform your health and self-confidence.

From weight loss and increased energy to reduced stress and more restful sleep, my clients are often astonished at how the many small changes they incorporate transform their overall well-being in only six months time.

As a partner, I strive to provide clear and transparent information so that it is easy for you to understand your choices. Access Well Life’s policies here.

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