Make One Simple Change for a Better Night’s Sleep

If you frequently toss and turn or stare hopelessly at the clock ticking away another good night’s sleep, you know quality sleep is the holy grail of a healthy, happy life. Sleep helps us better manage stress, enhances our mood, boosts our immune system, supports healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular health, and gives us theContinue reading “Make One Simple Change for a Better Night’s Sleep”

Are You “All In” or Do You Take a “Step-by-Step” Approach?

Picture this: The pool is open for the first days of summer. You dip your toe in to test the water temperature, and yes, it’s cold. Do you: Just jump in with both feet, knowing your body will adjust within a few minutes OR Step in slowly taking several minutes to let each body partContinue reading “Are You “All In” or Do You Take a “Step-by-Step” Approach?”

What’s the Best Diet??

That’s the million-dollar question! I will tell you that the diet industry does not know. There are over 100 dietary theories ranging from Paleo to Raw Vegan and everything you can think of in between. I have personally done MANY different diets looking for THE ONE that will help me lose weight and keep itContinue reading “What’s the Best Diet??”

How to get started on your journey

You may be wondering if Well Life, LLC is right for you. Answer this question for yourself: “Am I ready to invest in my health and wellbeing?” If the answer is, “YES!” then Well Life is here for you. I work with women to help them feel their best by guiding them and helping themContinue reading “How to get started on your journey”

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