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Always wanted to make a change but didn’t know where to start?

Ten Ingredients Every Well Life Pantry Needs

Your unofficial pantry guide

Pulling together a well-stocked kitchen that supports a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated.

With this surprisingly basic list of ingredients you’ll always have quick, nutritious options available to create a variety of delicious and satisfying meals and snacks.

I help overwhelmed women achieve optimal wellness by teaching small step-by-step shifts that create powerful breakthroughs and lasting results—without feeling deprived.

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Knowledgeable compassionate support

Let’s take the first step together

Whether you want to revamp your lifestyle or you’ve recently received a life-altering health condition that comes with a new, doctor-prescribed diet plan, making changes and sticking to them can be challenging.

Without the right support, taking consistent action day in and day out can be like scaling a mountain on a sunny day only to slide right back down again every time a chilly storm blows through.

I can help.

Teach yourself satisfaction over deprivation.

Use this series to give your body what it needs

“Making sure your home is stocked with delicious, healthy ingredients brings you one step closer to living a Well Life!”

Miriam Kaseff
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I want to share information pertaining to each person’s distinct needs whether it’s new recipes, information on a particular way of eating, the benefits of exercise and mindfulness. I want to partner with women in helping them reach their health and wellness goals.

Everything You Need to Optimize Your Health and Feel Amazing

Easy Recipes for a Well Life

Declutter your pantry and demystify eating well without sacrificing flavor. From breakfast and brunch to sauces and nibbles, Miriam’s kitchen is always open with nourishing recipes and tips for a Well Life.

Customized Monthly Wellness Plan

Feel the peace of knowing what comes next with Miriam’s guidance. Through small step-by-step shifts and strategies that fit your lifestyle, you can achieve optimal wellness stress free.

Mindful Practices for a Well Life

Nourishing your spirit is just as important as nourishing your body. Find techniques, reminders, and recommendations to leave you feeling refreshed.

Personal Coaching and Accountability

Painlessly break those unhealthy habit with gentle accountability. Learn from a health coach who really understands what hurdles you are facing and is passionate about helping you find balance in your diet and in your life.

Moving you to the top of your priority list means listening to what you really want and following your own lead.

Claim your Well Life

See what women like you have to say about their experience.


Miriam helped me lose some weight and established healthy patterns through an exceedingly stressful period of my life. The most significant overall change is I feel better than I did six months ago. Miriam listens, supports, gives feedback and encouragement, learns, and aids from a loving place and with a consistency that I cannot provide for myself. I am indebted to her for her skillset, timing, and being.cably more amazing than everything else in my studio!”


Miriam is a compassionate listener who is non-assuming and non-judgmental. She encourages me and offers support and information with any concerns or challenges I may have.


Miriam gave me some great strategies to cut back on wine and manage weekends better. The biggest tangible change I noticed is that I am more mindful on weekends which helped me lose weight. Miriam is a great listener, gives wonderful suggestions, and worked with my style of eating to find what worked for me, instead of saying I had to cut everything out! I loved working with Miriam. She understands we all have different needs and limitations and works within that framework to create success.

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