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Health Coaching

If you are ready to invest in your health, have wellness goals, and need accountability to achieve them, then Well Life may be right for you.

Picking the right coach can seem overwhelming. During this 30-minute, no-pressure discovery call, we’ll figure out if we’re a good fit according to your current challenges and health goals. You’ll learn about available options that make the most sense to help you achieve your desired results.

What is Health Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship in which the focus is on discovering and achieving goals. A health coach helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that you can achieve your health-related goals for weight, performance, and general well-being.

An experienced health coach acts as your guide and supporter during your coaching experience, helping you develop practical strategies relating to your unique circumstances.

I provide clients compassionate accountability by developing clear, realistic, and achievable goals, through identifying resources and barriers that may exist in your life.


How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Do the words ‘doctor prescribed diet’ leaving you scratching your head?
  • Do you get lost trying to decipher what’s on labels?
  • Do you want a healthier life with less hassle?

Health Coaching Services

Begin! Your Well Life Lean-In

This three-month introductory package invites you to dip your toes into the Well Life coaching experience. You’ll learn the building blocks to begin moving toward a healthier diet and lifestyle.

  • Free Preliminary Health History session
  • Six 50-minute 1:1 appointments (two per month)
  • Detailed progress reports
  • Supplemental information
  • Weekly check-ins

Transform! Your Well Life All-In

How do some people make healthy living look easy while others struggle? It’s not all about willpower.

During this transformative six-month program, you’ll learn how to create new habits you love and implement lasting changes—the hallmarks of long-term health and well-being. With your goals in mind, we’ll design a customized plan that fits your personality and busy lifestyle. Includes:

  • Free Preliminary Health History session
  • Twelve 50-minute one-on-one appointments (two per month)
  • Detailed progress reports
  • Supplemental information
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Your Choice A La Carte

I Help You Build Healthy Habits & Realistic Routines

All Well Life programs are client-driven and designed around your specific strengths, personality, and lifestyle.

Whether you’re just starting out on your wellness journey or feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I’ll provide the guidance, accountability, and expertise to help you reach your health goals.

Ala Carte Options!

I don’t believe in a one size fits all approach for my clients. 


Pantry Makeover

Ever had a weak moment while face-to-face with the diet-busting contents of your pantry? In roughly two hours, we’ll make your pantry work for you instead of against you!

  • We’ll clear your pantry of expired products.
  • I’ll show you some of the secrets behind those hard-to-decipher food labels, including the secret ingredients that can otherwise hijack a healthy lifestyle.
  • We’ll also organize your pantry items, making meal and snack prep a snap!

Grocery Store Tour

Are you confused about all the terms flying around your favorite grocery store? During this hour-long tour, we’ll walk down the aisles and explore the bins and shelves. I’ll help you understand:

  • The difference between “conventionally grown” and “organically grown.”
  • Whether or not “All Natural” is really the best choice.
  • What you should know about GMOs, The Dirty Dozen and The Clean 15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

I'm Overwhelmed With A Doctor Prescribed Diet

My doctor just prescribed a new diet to support my health. I’m completely overwhelmed and feel like I can’t eat anything. I get especially confused and depressed when I try eat out at a restaurant. Do you work with people in my situation?

Absolutely! If your doctor prescribes a specific diet, we will work together to make it manageable. Do you prefer to jump all in and get everything changed at once or do you need a slower approach to change one thing at a time? I will help you according to what works best for you.

Together, we’ll figure out delicious swaps for your favorite foods as well as navigate the restaurant world. This is also a perfect time for a pantry re-do and grocery store tour to start you on the right foot!

How Does Your Program Fit Into A Busy Lifestyle?

I’m so busy and stressed right now with work and family obligations. How does your program integrate in a busy lifestyle?

As a mom and business owner, I understand how challenging it can be to figure out where we belong on the priorities list. Flight attendants always remind us to put our oxygen masks on before assisting others. That rule applies to life as well— if we don’t take care of ourselves first, we can’t take care of our loved ones or show up in our careers in the way we’d like.

I design my programs around every client’s specific lifestyle, needs and priorities. We’ll figure out what matters most to you right now and find ways to work around frustrating obstacles that typically impede your progress.

Why Should I Spend Money On My Health?

Even though I’m anxious to improve my health, I feel selfish spending money on myself in this way. Thoughts?

Absolutely! If your doctor prescribes a specific diet, we will work together to make it manageable. But as a breast cancer survivor who had over $54,000 in medical bills, I also know you will pay for your health one way or another. I’ve learned I much prefer to invest in healthy living than in a serious illness. 

How Is Your Program Different?

I’ve tried so many different programs, but always end up sliding back into frustrating old habits, How is your program different?

Your Well Life program is a one-on-one, personalized, client-centered approach that focuses on creating small, manageable healthy habits. When these habits are repeated over and over, they become a part of your everyday life. I will be with you every step of the way guiding and supporting you as you get and stay on course.

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Healthy Eating Through Pantry Organization

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