The most significant overall change was my commitment to exercise. I have monthly goals to work towards which help keep me motivated. I was addicted to soda but after a few months of work with Miriam, I no longer crave it! Miriam is a thoughtful, supportive, and helpful resource.


Miriam did a great job of breaking my goals down into manageable steps. I came to realize that doing one small thing at a time while moving in the right direction is better than doing nothing at all. Miriam is upbeat and positive. I always left our meetings feeling better.


Miriam is a great listener, gives wonderful suggestions, and worked with my style of eating to find what worked for me, instead of saying I had to cut everything out! I loved working with Miriam. She understands we all have different needs and limitations and works within that framework to create success.


Miriam helped me lose some weight and established healthy patterns through an exceedingly stressful period of my life. Miriam listens, supports, gives feedback and encouragement, learns, and aids from a loving place and with a consistency that I cannot provide for myself.


I am my own testimonial! Changing my habits including eating slowly with correct portion sizes, sleeping well, learning to deal with stress, and exercising consistently have changed my life.  I continue to work on myself daily by focusing on my WHY along with my priorities in life. I’m 57 years old and feel better than ever!