I hope these FAQ’s help you identify if I’m the right fit for your wellness journey.


Will working with you help me lose weight quickly?

Well Life, LLC’s 6-month program is not a “quick-fix” program. This program is about making life long changes to help you feel your best.

What if I can’t follow some of your recommendations?

I understand that occasionally things happen and you may not always follow through with suggestions. Since my program is client driven (you create your goals and I assist by breaking them down into attainable action steps), you will be deciding what you are able to follow through with between our meetings. You are the making the decisions and I am supporting you every step of the way!

How do I know if I am right for your program?

I am ready to meet you wherever you are in your wellness journey and guide you to the next level. If you are ready to invest in your health, have wellness goals and need accountability to achieve them, then Well Life is right for you.

I hate dieting because it makes me feel deprived—and my cravings go through the roof. Will I have to give up all of the things I love and follow a strict diet plan if I work with you?

Deprivation makes most people do the exact opposite behavior that is desired. This is YOUR program and YOUR goals. There is no “one size fits all” approach when working with me. We will work with your strengths and figure out together how to get you where you want to go.

What if I sign up for your program and don’t achieve my goals?

We don’t always have control over the outcome when we set long-term goals. For example, you might like to lose 50 pounds. But as we get started, we may discover extenuating circumstances complicating your efforts, like a hormone or a thyroid issue. We do, however, have control over small behaviors to reach our long-term goals—like adding one fruit or vegetable to each meal. Small, doable goals can create a powerful impact when it comes to moving closer to your long-term goal.

Which diet is best for me to follow?

Each person is different and one person’s food is another person’s poison. This is something we investigate together to see what is right for you and your situation.

Will you advise me regarding medications and supplements?

Well Life, LLC will not prescribe nor instruct you to discontinue medications you are currently taking. You will need to consult your Health Care Provider to make any changes to your medications.

Do you accept insurance?

Well Life, LLC programs operate outside the insurance system to create the lowest cost for clients.

I struggle with sticking to wellness programs long-term. What sort of accountability do you offer?

We will work together to create small doable changes, so you don’t feel deprived. Each change will build on the next until they become habits, like brushing your teeth. And as your accountability partner, I will be with you every step of the way.

I know exercise is important to my health, but my consistency is lacking because exercise isn’t fun for me. Can you help?

Yes, I can help! Oftentimes people lack consistency with exercise because they haven’t found an activity they enjoy. We will most definitely explore this together. Many of us don’t realize what we already do or can do each day to enhance physical activity, like taking multiple trips while bringing our groceries into the house.

I travel frequently for my job, which makes healthy living a challenge. How does your program accommodate road warriors like me?

Making small changes that don’t disrupt your flow of life are important aspects of my program. Again, we’ll look at your priorities and find small doable actions to incorporate into your schedule, creating an individualized program just right for you.

My doctor just prescribed a new diet to support my health. I’m completely overwhelmed and feel like I can’t eat anything. I get especially confused and depressed when I try to eat out at restaurants. Do you work with people in my situation?
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Absolutely! If your doctor prescribes a specific diet, we will work together to make it manageable. Do you prefer to jump all in and get everything changed at once or do you need a slower approach to change one thing at a time? I will help you according to what works best for you. 

Together, we’ll figure out delicious swaps for your favorite foods as well as navigate the restaurant world. This is also a perfect time for a pantry re-do and grocery store tour to start you on the right foot!

Believe me, I understand where you are coming from. But as a breast cancer survivor who had over $54,000 in medical bills, I also know you will pay for your health one way or another. I’ve learned I much prefer to invest in healthy living than in a serious illness. 

Even though I’m anxious to improve my health, I feel selfish about spending money on myself in this way. Thoughts?
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I’m so busy and stressed right now with work and family obligations. How does your program integrate into a busy lifestyle?
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As a mom and business owner, I understand how challenging it can be to figure out where we belong on the priorities list. Flight attendants always remind us to put our oxygen masks on before assisting others. That rule applies to life as well— if we don’t take care of ourselves first, we can’t take care of our loved ones or show up in our careers in the way we’d like.

I design my programs around every client’s specific lifestyle, needs and priorities. We’ll figure out what matters most to you right now and find ways to work around frustrating obstacles that typically impede your progress.

Your Well Life program is a one-on-one, personalized, client-centered approach that focuses on creating small, manageable healthy habits. When these habits are repeated over and over, they become a part of your everyday life. I will be with you every step of the way guiding and supporting you as you get and stay on course.

I’ve tried so many different programs, but always end up sliding back into frustrating old habits. How is your program different?
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Miriam is a great listener, gives wonderful suggestions, and worked with my style of eating to find what worked for me, instead of saying I had to cut everything out! I loved working with Miriam. She understands we all have different needs and limitations and works within that framework to create success.


Miriam helped me lose some weight and established healthy patterns through an exceedingly stressful period of my life. Miriam listens, supports, gives feedback and encouragement, learns, and aids from a loving place and with a consistency that I cannot provide for myself.


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Debbie’s Story

Debbie, who left a career in sales after 25 years to become a gynecology oncology nurse, is a caretaker by nature. Like many women balancing work and motherhood, she felt guilty about prioritizing her own needs over the needs of family and work.

But, faced with the prospect of a major life transition, she decided to schedule a free consultation with Miriam.

“I was interested in hearing a peer’s perspective in how I’m doing in my journey,” Debbie says. “It was about spiritual health, as well as physical and emotional health.”

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